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Established in 1881 and serving as a one-teacher, 1st – 8th grade, single-room school up until the mid-1950s, the history of Lakeside School is deeply intertwined with the Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Eventually, it became big enough to incorporate Central, Brown, Castle Rock, and Fairview Schools. The bulk of our current campus was built in 1967, with our Community Center completed in 2004. Kindergarten was finally added in 1984. Lakeside’s largest enrollment peaked in 1986 with 180 students. Read More

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lakeside_signLAKESIDE TODAY

Today, we have 75 students, with five teachers. Lakeside serves K-to-fifth grade a our Black Road campus and partners with neighboring districts to serve our middle school students. Lakeside’s mission is to equip our children with the skills, knowledge, and can-do attitudes necessary to become responsible, successful members of our society. We meet our goals by providing a well trained staff, a comprehensive curriculum, a community involved in the life of the school, and a feasible, responsive funding plan.

At Lakeside, all of our teachers and instructional aides exceed California’s “Highly Qualified” designations. The average number of students per class at Lakeside is 15. Part of what makes Lakeside shine as a public school is our low student-to-teacher ratio.

Lakeside partners with the Campbell Union and the Loma Prieta Joint Union School Districts to host our sixth-to-eighth grade students for middle school at either Rolling Hills or C. T. English. Lakeside families may select from these highly rated, exceptional programs to best fit their students’ needs socially and academically.

With community donations and private corporate grants raised by the Lakeside Community Foundation, the community continues to invest in its future. Through funds raised by Foundation students receive essential enrichment programs including P.E., technology in the classroom, music, theater, and dance. These critical programs help provide a well-balanced curriculum that continues to benefit our students throughout their education journey, well beyond the Lakeside campus.