Lakeside District & School

History & Profile


The history of Lakeside School is mingled with the history of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Lexington/Los Gatos area.  Lakeside School became the presence it is today on Black Road around the early 1900’s and eventually included Central, Brown, Castle Rock, and Fairview Schools.  The bulk of the campus was built in 1967 with the Lakeside Community Center completed in 2004


In the 1800’s the Santa Cruz Mountains were home to many enclaves mostly devoted to lumbering.  When the trees were all gone (in the late 1800’s) agriculture (vineyards and orchards) predominated.  Early photos of the region around Lakeside School testify to the fact that hardly one majestic redwood was left untouched.


Lakeside existed mostly as a one-teacher one-room school through the mid 1950’s.  The largest enrollment occurred in 1986 with a total of 180 students in grades 1 – 8. Kindergarten was not added until 1984.


Currently the Lakeside Joint School District serves 141 students in grades K – 8 with 91 students on the Black Road campus in grades kindergarten through fifth. Sixteen students attend Rolling Hills Middle School in the Campbell Union School District and twentyfour students attend CT English in the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District.  The arrangement with Campbell is an outgrowth of a decision made by the Board of Trustees in 1987 and the arrangement with the Loma Prieta District was reached in 2010. Lakeside middle school families have the choice to send students to a large comprehensive middle school program (RHMS) or a smaller mountain middle school (CT English). Both middle schools offer an outstanding academic program.


The District's minority student enrollment is approximately 14% (7% Asian, 4% Black, 5% Hispanic, 86% White or other).  Four percent of students qualify for free and reduced lunch, and approximately 3% qualify for English Language Learner services.  The California Department of Education recognized Lakeside Elementary as a Distinguished School in May of 2000.  


On May 5, 2007 Lakeside celebrated its 125th birthday! (Please click for more historical information and photos collected from the Lakeside 125th anniversary commemoration.)


The mission of Lakeside School is to equip all our children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become responsible, successful members of our society by providing a well trained staff, a comprehensive curriculum, a community involved in the life of the school, and a feasible, responsive funding plan.

The Lakeside School community believes that:
  • Lakeside School should be a learning community
  • Each person wants to succeed
  • Each child is a unique individual and needs to develop to his/her fullest potential
  • Each child has his or her own learning style
  • Each child can and wants to learn, and in fact, learns all day every day whether in a formal setting or not
  • Each child's creativity should be encouraged in order to foster that child's self esteem and confidence
  • Community participation in the life of the school is important.  It keeps the school and the community alive