Lakeside Joint School District Transportation

All students (both elementary and middle school) will be charged for using the District’s bus service. A board approved fee schedule and order form is attached.

Bus passes may be purchased by the year or by the semester. All students must have a bus pass to ride the bus.

We appreciate your support of our bus service and your timely submittal of applicable fees.

In order to best provide for the needs of our students, there may be some changes in the bus route this year. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Ady at (408)354-2372.

Rolling Hills Middle School Students: There is no  bus service.

CT English Students: There will be a morning bus from Lakeside to Loma. In the afternoon there will be a bus coming from Loma to Lakeside. At Lakeside, students from Rolling Hills and Lakeside will get on the same bus and then the bus will continue on the same Mountain route as last year.

Lakeside Students: There is no morning bus service. Those students wishing to take the bus in the afternoon will need to check into Clubhouse to await the arrival of the bus from Loma. The District will once again partner with the Recreation Department to implement the special bus rate of $1.00 per day if your student is riding the bus.