Our partners work closely with our administration to help support our school by raising additional funds and/or providing enriching programs

Lakeside School Community Foundationopen_in_new_window (2)

Lakeside School Community Foundation works to raise money to support enrichment programs like P.E., music, Science, Counseling, the playground and computers for Lakeside kids. Last year Foundation Merged with PTA to create a more efficient volunteer fundraising team. This year we will be supporting all of the programs that both Foundation and PTA have supported in the past.  To make this happen- we need your help in whatever form possible- donations of time and /or money are welcome.  For more information click HERE


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Project Cornerstone works to empower young people, parents, and school staff to improve school climate and create vibrant, caring communities of learners. Project Cornerstone is committed to helping all children and teens feel valued, respected and known. The program is designed to help individuals and communities build a web of support around young people so they grow into healthy, caring, and responsible adults. Maritza and Josh Tamayo-Sarver are Lakeside’s program leaders and rely on parent volunteers as readers in classrooms. If you would like to contribute to the Lakeside community in this capacity, please contact the front office.

YMCA Camp Campbellopen_in_new_window (2)

Camp Campbell provides Lakeside families with an affordable and safe before and after school care. Their program is located on Lakeside’s campus and incorporates free play, cooking, arts & crafts, music, drama, team building, sports, quiet study time, special events, daily nutritious snacks, and more to make this time meaningful and fun!

Rolling Hills Middle School open_in_new_window (2)

One of two middle school options for Lakeside families, Rolling Hills Middle School is where a creative, dedicated staff, in collaboration with parents and students, provides dynamic, multifaceted learning experiences that inspire young adolescents to be independent, thoughtful, reflective and respectful members of their community. Together with parents, Rolling Hills provides dynamic learning experiences that inspire students. Through their flexible schedule and community partnerships, they offer many project-based lessons which help students develop skills in collaboration, critical thinking, communication and real-world problem-solving.

C.T. English Middle School open_in_new_window (2)

One of two middle school options for Lakeside families, C.T. English is a highly academic middle school that retains the qualities of connection and community that can only be found in a small-school environment.  Their teachers become well acquainted with students and continually encourage them to strive for academic success while supporting social development and creativity.  West Ed, a national organization promoting excellence in schools and communities, honored C.T. English Middle School for its positive and safe school climate.  C.T. English is one of 40 schools among the 1,700 studied where students are outperforming peers, in part because of a positive school climate.