Lakeside Community Foundation

Lakeside School Community Foundation works to raise money to support enrichment programs like P.E., music, and computers for Lakeside kids.

Every September, Foundation provides tacos and snacks to all the Lakeside kids and parents before an evening of dancing performance with Rojelio.

Our primary event is the annual Lakeside School Community Foundation Auction. Dedicated parents meet every month to prepare donations, libations, and fun for a grand, parent night out in the Spring. The Foundation Auctions have been primarily for Lakeside parents; however, opening up to the community at large in 2015 was a huge success, allowing past and present Lakeside parents, alumni, and committed neighbors to support our school.

All auction proceeds support enrichment programs and staff at Lakeside School.  Please consider coming to the Lakeside Community Foundation Auction this year to support our kids and our community school. For more information and to buy tickets directly, go to

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