About Lakeside Community Foundation

Lakeside Community Foundation Mission

Lakeside Foundation is a 501c(3) focused on raising money to support Lakeside to provide the fund programs to benefit all students at Lakeside Elementary School, including music, art, dance, science, physical education, playground funds, and facility improvements. In 2017, Lakeside merged the PTA and the Lakeside Foundation to create a more efficient volunteer fundraising team. We will be supporting all of the programs that both Foundation and PTA have supported in the past.

Your donations in either volunteer hours or money to Lakeside Foundation fund specific Lakeside programs, creating a broader, more enriching education for all the Lakeside Elementary children.

Tax Information: EIN: 77-0053621


Please consider coming to the Lakeside Community Foundation meeting this year to support our kids and our community school.

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Current 2017-2018 Foundation Board Members

Desta Price, President (desta@pricegroup.org)

Michele Toussaint, Vice-President

Charlene Norquist, Treasurer (accounting@lakesiderocks.org)

Elizabeth Stuart, Financial Secretary

Kate Manning, Secretary

Desiree Hedberg, Director

Eric Horton, Director

Zoila Wichmann, Director

Shirley Tarica, Director