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Middle School Enrollment

LJSD has partnered with three neighboring school districts to provide middle school options for our 6th through 8th grade students. Agreed upon through Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), the current options include Loma Prieta Joint Elementary and the Union School District.  The terms of each MOU vary from district to district (including different time horizons), and Lakeside revisits them annually.  Lakeside families may select from these highly rated, exceptional programs to best fit their students’ needs socially and academically.


Families of 5th grade students will be invited to an orientation during the spring to learn more about each middle school, including school tours. It is sometime during the spring that families will have the option to rank their preferences. The Middle School Choice form will be made available in the spring time. 


If you have a middle school student who needs to enroll outside of this time frame, please contact the district at

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