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Departments & Staff

Sean Joyce, Ph.D., Superintendent, Special Education

Debbie Lee, Executive Assistant, Board & Superintendent

Kirk Rowe, Facilities Manager & IT Specialist
Nan Wojc
ik, Finance Director

See Lakeside School Staff here

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Academic Programs- English Language Arts, Math, Science, Arts, Physical Education, Enrichment Programs

  • Student Services- Special Education, Social-Emotional Learning, English Language Development, Attendance, Enrollment & Registration

  • Assessments, Testing & Accountability

  • Instructional Materials & Technology

  • Instructional Support & Professional Development

Business Services

Maintenance & Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Custodial Services

  • Construction- Well Project

  • Water System Management

  • School Safety

Human Resources

  • Hiring & Onboarding

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Labor Negotiations

Public Relations

  • Communications

  • Board Relations

  • Legislative Services- Lobbying, Parcel Tax, Bonds

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