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Lakeside Then & Now

Historical Lakeside

Established in 1881 and serving as a one-teacher, 1st – 8th grade, single-room school up until the mid-1950s, the history of Lakeside School is deeply intertwined with the Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Eventually, it became big enough to incorporate Central, Brown, Castle Rock, and Fairview Schools. The bulk of our current campus was built in 1967, with our Community Center completed in 2004. Kindergarten was finally added in 1984. Lakeside’s largest enrollment peaked in 1986 with 180 students.

Today, Lakeside serves Preschool through 5th grade on its Black Road campus.


Our MISSION is to:

Create independent learners with a rich and challenging curriculum, distinguished by instructional variety, innovation and collaboration while fostering social-emotional strength.


And our VISION is for:

Lakeside Students achieve at their highest potential to be prepared for their future.


In 1997 the Lakeside Joint School District Board of Trustees voted to move their grades 6-8 (middle school) program off site to neighboring middle schools in nearby school districts. Currently, Lakeside JSD middle school students are being served at:


The District offices and staff are located on the Black Road campus. 

(More information about the history of Lakeside can be found at the Whole Mountain Source Book.) 

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